Guitar Lessons Fulham

Guitar Lessons Fulham

Guitar Lessons in Fulham with local London Guitar Academy tutor Luca Serino  a professional guitar teacher located here in Fulham. Luca provides Guitar, Bass Guitar, Songwriting And Ukulele Lessons In Fuham And The Surrounding Areas. Guitar Lessons London.

Guitar Lessons Fulham

Gift Certificate Guitar Lesson

Guitar Lessons in Fulham – Anyone Can Learn, Start Today

Luca was born in the U.S. and brought up in Italy and the UK. He has been playing the guitar for over 15 years and has played and recorded extensively in the UK and USA. 

His first musical love were the Beatles, Queen and Jimi Hendrix but over the years he has played in many different styles on both acoustic and electric guitar, including rock, blues and folk. His favourite guitarist is John Mayer.
Luca‘s dedication to tone is such that he once carried a 40 lb guitar amplifier as hand luggage on a flight back from the U.S. This true story is rumoured to be included in the sequel so Spinal Tap.

Luca is based in Fulham near Fulham Broadway, West Brompton (overground and underground) and Earls Court stations. All Ages Welcome, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Home Visits & Dedicated Teaching Studio!

Fulham Guitar

Guitar Lessons Fulham                            OUR GUITAR LESSONS & GUITAR COURSES


Guitar Lessons in Fulham guitar courses and individual guitar lessons are a fantastic way to kickstart your guitar playing TODAY! Our mission is to empower YOU to play the music YOU love. LGA”s FOUNDATION LESSONS are perfect for beginners of all ages! Guitar Lessons Fulham’s BEGINNERS COURSES will guarantee to give you a great musical foundation n both electric and acoustic guitar.  We are highly experienced musicians, teachers and performers with lots of patience. If your an INTERMEDIATE guitar player our INTERMEDIATE COURSES will tick all your preferred musical boxes and fast track your guitar playing supercharge your guitar skills! Our course material is the finest available and thousands of Londoners have already happily learned the guitar with us. You Can Learn Guitar easily with London’s favourite guitar teachers. ELECTRIC and ACOUSTIC GUITAR SPECIALISTS.
ACOUSTIC rhythm, fingerstyle, open tunings, slide, folk, blues. flat picking, americana. ELECTRIC, rock, indie, jazz, blues, lead, rhythm. Guitar lessons London, ukulele, music theory, Skype lessons!

 Check Out London Guitar Academy’s excellent 5 Star Reviews On Google Places!

5 Star Reviews On Google Places

5 Star Reviews On Google Places

Fulham Guitar Lessons with London Guitar Academy a place where each student’s unique talents and goals are recognised and supported FULLY!

Guitar Lessons Fulham are committed to making sure our students learn how to play and understand the guitar. Our lesson curriculums teaches our fantastic students guitar chords, theory, timing, solo work, and reading. We teach great songs in all preferred genres our students enjoy in order to put to use and reinforce the skills they are working on to keep lessons not only educational, but fun, as well. We take great tremendous satisfaction in seeing all of our students succeed and learn to love to play the guitar as much as we do. Our course material is the finest available and thousands of Londoners have already happily learned the guitar with us. You Can Learn Guitar easily with London’s favourite guitar teachers.

Guitar Lessons In Fulham

Guitar Lessons In Fulham

Some of the things you will learn during our guitar lessons, include:

• The Names of Parts of a Guitar
• Strings and Fret names and numbers.
• How to tune the guitar by ear and via electronic guitar tuner!
• Simple and fun ear training games.
• Basic and advanced Rhythms
• Note locations on the guitar neck and Basic Chords
• Improvisation games.
• Solid Technique with correct Posture and Hand Positioning.
• Famous fun Songs, Melodies and over time Scales
• Proper Guitar Care and Routine Maintenance


Fulham Guitar Lessons

Fulham Guitar Lessons


Private music lessons in a supportive environment are fun and inspiring. London’s Leading Guitar Teachers! To book your first lesson or simply find out more about YOUR guitar lessons in London call 07957 230 354. YOU can fast track your guitar playing TODAY with the London’s premier and most personable Guitar tutors! Persue your musical dreams!

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London Guitar Academy

The London Guitar Academy is London’s only dedicated Rock Pop and Blues guitar school specialising in one to one guitar tuition in either electric or acoustic guitar.

Each lesson is tailored to suit each students individual taste and ability; offering a fresh and innovative approach to learning the guitar.

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Guitar Lessons Fulham

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