Guitar Lessons Blackheath Guitar Lessons in Blackheath Greenwich Guitar Teachers

 Guitar Lessons Blackheath Guitar Lessons in Blackheath Greenwich Guitar Teachers

Guitar Lessons London teachers are dedicated, reliable and experienced.Lessons are tailored to the individual’s needs. All material and backing tracks are provided.

 Guitar Lessons Blackheath Guitar Lessons in Blackheath Greenwich Guitar Teachers

Guitar Lessons Blackheath Guitar Lessons in Blackheath Greenwich Guitar Teachers



  • All the good stuff…. specialising in rock folk,classical and Blues
  • All the basics including scales, chords, strumming, learning songs etc. etc.
  • Licks tabbed out for various backings and ‘riffs of the week’ excercises.
  • Technical guitar Excercises using alternate, economy and sweep picking styles.
  • Improve your speed with Speed Picking, Arppeggios and 2 handed Tapping exercises
  • Learn how to Improvise in any key and how to use what scales and notes over what backings.
  • Theory and how to apply it practically to help understand and improve what you are playing…..
  • Learn to play the Blues properly allowing youself to play beyond just pentatonics.
  • Learn the 4 Different types of Blues and how to really solo over those I IV V progressions
  • Unlock the mysteries of the fretboard…….no more ‘sea of notes fretboard’…. know what notes to play in any key right across the fretboard.
  • The modes, not just what they are or how to play them but how to really use modes in the real world and apply them to your playing.
  • Help with song writing and construction.
  • Learn how to use Harmonic minor, Spanish Phrygian and many other altered scales over backings on your Flashdrive and in your own songs.
  • Learn the notes in any chord and learn Chord Construction and Theory
  • Learn Target note soloing, and Chordal improvisation
  • Right Hand picking excercises and altered time signature practice are among other things on the menu.
  • Everything you wanted and didn’t want to know about Becoming a ‘Guitar Player of Note’ but haven’t asked yet.
  • Advice and tips on playing live and getting a good stage and/or bedroom sound….. Advice on gear in general and how to tweak the gear you have


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Currently on a short UK tour to promote the recently issued 2 CD set “Anthology” (a mix of greatest hits, b-sides and alternative versions), our London Guitar Academy reviewer Paul Wood caught the 80’s US rock funk band at the O2 Academy in Islington.



There was a pretty good crowd of DRN devotees at the Academy and the band didn’t disappoint with a barnstorming show packed with songs from their original triple album salvo of “Dan Reed Network”, “Slam” and “The Heat”.

All 5 members of the classic DRN line up were back in tow – Dan Reed on vocals, Brion James on guitar, Melvin Brannon II on bass guitar, Dan Pred on drums, and Blake Sakamoto on keyboards.



Check out the funk rock guitar attack of Brion James on “Baby Now I” (not to mention the audience vocal participation!)

And here’s the band blasting through “Come Back Baby”

Part way through there was a crowd shout for “Taming The Wild Nights” which Dan Reed said they hadn’t rehearsed but would try and play (“what key are we going to play this in guys?” “who remembers the start?”). They made it through the first verse before closing the song down. Here’s the one verse clip posted on Youtube:

After this, an onstage quip from Dan Reed of “If we played all these songs you are shouting for, we’ll be here all night” produced one of the loudest cheers of the night.

This was followed by Dan Reed saying (to another loud cheer) “I know, we’ll do the first verse of all of them!” This was followed by one verse renditions of “Mix It Up” and “Lover” before the band returned to the original scheduled set.

Here’s the band (and the audience again!) performing “Ritual”:

For the encores the band came back (Dan Reed wearing a horse’s head which he said he had found backstage and quickly took off!) and played “Tiger In A Dress” before closing the set with an a cappella style rendition (all of the band upfront on stage with their arms locked together) of “Long Way To Go”

All of the band members were clearly having a blast and there was a suggestion that they are thinking of recording new material for a new album in the near future.

This was their first set of UK dates since reforming to play at the Enchanted Festival (Stock, UK) in 2013.

The Enchanted Festival was their first UK appearance for 20 years and here’s footage of “Get To You” from that show:

If you want to catch Dan Reed later this year he will be playing a solo set at the 2nd Enchanted Festival on Saturday 11 October 2014.

Blasts from the past

Here’s the original promo video for “Long Way To Go”

London Guitar Academy

The London Guitar Academy is London’s only dedicated Rock Pop and Blues guitar school specialising in one to one guitar tuition in either electric or acoustic guitar.

Each lesson is tailored to suit each students individual taste and ability; offering a fresh and innovative approach to learning the guitar.

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