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London Guitar Academy has the finest group of guitar teachers in the London.  Our instructors are professional musicians that perform all over the country with some of the best musical acts in the UK.  Many of the London’s top musicians have received instruction at the London Guitar Academy.  Our teachers can help you reach your goals.

The London Guitar Academy has been London’s premier guitar school for years.  All of our instructors tailor their lessons specifically for each student.  Whether your goal is to strum a few songs by the campfire or to be the next Hendrix, we can help you.  The lessons are fun yet informative, challenging yet inspiring.

It doesn’t matter if you have absolutely no musical experience or if you are a seasoned musician, we can help you improve your skills.  The best guitar lessons in London, UK are just a phone call away07957 230 35

London Guitar Academy London's Local Guitar School

London Guitar Academy’s passion for guitar and for helping local London community become great guitar players is a central part of our lives. We are an experienced, patient guitar teachers who provides guidance while working around his students’ wants and needs. Guitar lessons London exist to help aspiring musicians in London to find an outlet through music.

London Guitar Academy London's Local Guitar School

London Guitar Academy London’s Local Guitar School

Our goal is to ignite creativity, nurture talent, and encourage your musical growth. We have taught hundreds of guitar lessons in London to students over the years and have perfected our instruction method, but we still tailor our teaching to support individualised growth. London Guitar Academy provides a personal level of support in your guitar playing you will not find elsewhere.Recitals are also offered throughout the year to give the student the opportunity to showcase their talent  in front of their family and friends. Growth evaluations are given to keep the student updated on their progress every step of the way

Guitar Lessons in London

London Guitar Academy London’s Local Guitar School,Guitar Lessons in London

Learn Guitar Fast

London Guitar Lessons current lesson course list includes everything from lesson plans for young children to advanced guitar lessons, as well as private individual classes and band classes to help your band improve it’s sound and performances.

Learning Guitar should be fun

Learning Guitar should be fun.Guitar Lessons In London

Playing guitar is simply fun, and as you get better the more fun you will have. London Guitar Lessons makes learning guitar awesome. Our philosophy with teaching clearly shows our brilliant guitar teachers are  having fun while playing guitar. London Guitar Academy instruction will carry you through learning technique and musical theory in a exciting and creative way. We look forward to teaching you as much as you will enjoy learning.

Each individual tutoring session starts with an evaluation of your musical and guitar knowledge and background. We then tailor your learning to your needs as well as your growth, adjusting the speed and amount of work based on your progress. I am dedicated to helping you grow as a musician.

Whether you just want to learn a few chords, or if you want to play like your heroes London Guitar Academy can tailor the lessons to suit your goals!

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If you are looking for a music teacher or Music School in London we are here to help.Guitar Lessons London accept guitar students of all levels. If you are a total beginner or an advanced guitarist, it doesn’t matter. We very patient and will teach you at your pace. London Guitar Academy guitar lessons guarantee your best possible progress! Our courses are designed to be fun, yet are packed with all the information you need to become a strong confident guitarist, while giving you an understanding of how and why songs work. Ever wondered how Hendrix wrote those tunes? Or how Coldplay create their sound? It’s all in our lessons!! London Guitar Academy students are secure in the knowledge that we will nurture their personal talents, they need and always have the full-attention of our fantastic guitar teachers.

private guitar lessons in london

private guitar lessons in london with London Guitar Academy,


London Guitar Academy

The London Guitar Academy is London’s only dedicated Rock Pop and Blues guitar school specialising in one to one guitar tuition in either electric or acoustic guitar.

Each lesson is tailored to suit each students individual taste and ability; offering a fresh and innovative approach to learning the guitar.

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