Electric Guitar

An electric guitar is a guitar that uses a pickup to convert the vibration of its strings into electrical impulses. The most common guitar pickup uses the principle of direct electromagnetic induction. The signal generated by an electric guitar is too weak to drive a loudspeaker, so it is amplified before sending it to a loudspeaker. Since the output of an electric guitar is an electric signal, the signal may easily be altered using electronic circuits to add “color” to the sound. Often the signal is modified using effects such as reverb and distortion.It is a common assumption that electric guitars are louder than acoustic guitars. When they’re not plugged in of course, they actually are much quieter. Many amplifiers have headphone outputs and smartphones and similar devices can now run amp emulation software so that you can plug your guitar into your phone and practise anywhere that you like. If you’re worried about annoying the neighbours, then don’t! Just plug in a pair of headphones and you’ll be quieter than your acoustic guitar playing friends if you want to be.


Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in London - London Acoustic Guitar teachers

London  guitarists who are looking for acoustic guitar lessons have come to the right place.Feel free to explore the beginner, intermediate and advanced guitar lesson videos that cover topics for acoustic guitarists… Here’s a bit of basic info about acoustic guitars for those of you just starting out….Acoustic guitars come in two basic varieties. Nylon (or gut) string guitars, and steel string guitars. Neither is harder to play than the other, and you should choose the sort of instrument you play based on the sound you prefer. Nylon string guitars tend to be primarily used for classical and flamenco guitar styles. Steel string guitars tend to be used for country, folk, pop and rock. The nylon string guitar has a slightly mellower tone and the steel string a more shimmery bright sound (they’re particularly good for strumming).

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Guitar Fretboard-guitar neck notes diagram's

Why should I bother trying to get the hang of the guitar fretboard*, you ask?

Because regardless of what style you play —or want to play— the basic fretboard layout  does not change.

guitar fretboard

guitar fretboard, guitar neck notes diagram

This is true whether it’s blues guitar, jazz guitar, classical guitar, rock guitar, flamenco guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, finger style guitar or what ever guitar styles you enjoy and love it’s essential to learn the neck notes.

guitar  diagram

guitar neck notes


Fretboard Diagram With Note Names

Here’s a simple example diagram showing you the names of all notes up to the 12 fret.

If you don’t know these yet then yes, memorising it all this can take a little time  but it add’s a lot of value to your guitar playing moving forward.

Guitar Notes

guitar neck notes diagram

Children's guitar lessons in London-Guitar Lessons For Kids

We teach differently.

Get started with guitar lessons in London, today!  Patient and dedicated Guitar teachers for kids and adults…No pushing students towards studying a specific style with songs from ye olde days, we teach guitar through the music and styles you love, at your own pace.Learn to play the music you love from professional, fun-loving, and knowledgeable guitar teachers!We tailor the lesson to the student and their goals.Every student is different and we will guide all our fantastic pupils into reaching there musical goals .

  • Excited about learning the guitar and love music.
  • Learning to read music through fun theory games.
  • Developing confidence and performance poise.
  • Learn At Home or Online with Guitar Lessons London

Home-School Tutoring Guitar Lessons At Home London

Guitar Lessons in Your Home
Guitar Lessons in London. Private teacher for Guitar in the comfort of your own home!
Guitar Lessons in your own home for anyone in London. Beginners Welcome.
As  mobile Guitar teacher, we take the mither out of piano lessons.Super convenient solution for busy families with the desire to learn to play the guitar. No hanging around, no fighting the traffic, so juggling your busy life just got easier with your London Guitar lessons.

 Home-School Tutoring Guitar Lessons At Home London Music Lessons Guitar Teachers

Music Lessons in your own home for anyone in London

We’ll come hang out with you!

All the fun and excitement of learning guitar without ever leaving home! Let us send one of our friendly & knowledgable instructors to you and you can experience the joy that is learning guitar from the comfort of your favourite chair! Electric, acoustic and bass guitar lessons.


  • Most area’s serviced
  • Professionally trained guitar teachers in London
  • Quality music lessons in the comfort of your own home
  • Affordable package pricing
  • convenient solution for busy families with the desire to learn to play the guitar
  • Use your own gear with no roadies necessary!

Hampstead Guitar Lessons - Music Teachers in London

Our Vision

London Guitar academy  is London’s go to destination for  quality private home visit music lessons in your area .Patient, Experienced and very effective Guitar and Bass teachers. Guitar lessons taught in students home, fun and friendly. All styles catered for. In-Home Guitar Lessons in Hampstead London.We believe music is transformative and empowers the lives of youth, families and are delighted to help you bring the joy of playing the guitar into yours & your families life’s. 

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Hampstead Guitar Lessons,Hampstead Guitar Lesson,NW3 Guitar Lessons

Full 45 mins or one-hour lessons allow us to provide my students plenty of time to review AND learn their favorite music.

Guitar Lessons London  have developed creative and fun ways to help you reach your playing goals, whether you’re interested in learning classicalbluesrockmetaljazzcountry,punk or anything else you’re excited about learning.

We look forward to teaching you the art of combining your own creativity with a clear understanding of music theory and fundamental song-writing techniques.

Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons NW3

In home guitar lessons are available in the London area.

Music Lessons

Music = Positivity

Our Values are Your Values

  • Community. Parents, Students, Instructors and Supporters work together creatively and harmoniously.
  • Team work. Our focus is to guide each student’s path to achievement.
  • Passion and Joy. We nurture learning in a joyful environment where music sparks motivation.
  • Opportunity. Music education is a key to understanding one’s potential.

London Guitar Academy

The London Guitar Academy is London’s only dedicated Rock Pop and Blues guitar school specialising in one to one guitar tuition in either electric or acoustic guitar.

Each lesson is tailored to suit each students individual taste and ability; offering a fresh and innovative approach to learning the guitar.

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