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Never picked up a guitar? Don’t know where to go next with your playing? My Guitar lessons are one to one and personalised to what you want to learn, whatever age, whatever ability.London Guitar Tuition @ London Guitar Academy. Guitar Lessons in LONDON Learn guitar in an exciting way using the songs and artists you […]

At London Guitar Academy we aim for you to start playing and performing Rock music to a high level of professionalism straight from lesson one. We provide highest quality tuition in Guitar, Bass, and Music Technology.Learn to play guitar in a enjoyably,easy and professional way. London Guitar Lessons @ London Guitar Academy  for acoustic and electric rock guitar. LINKS Facebook […]

Learn to play rock-solid rhythm and expand your chord vocabulary. Learn the fundamentals, then discover new chord positions, bass lines, muting techniques, syncopated strums and more Create your own rhythms and grooves with Guitar Lessons London @ London Guitar Academy Learn guitar and how to play… Easy basic picking techniques How to play simple chords… […]

Expert step by step guidance provided @ London  Guitar Academy  Lead guitar is a guitar part which plays melody lines, instrumental fill passages, guitar solos, and occasionally, some riffs within a song structure. The lead is the featured guitar, which usually plays single-note-based lines or double-stops.[1] In rock, heavy metal, blues, jazz, punk, fusion, some pop, and other music styles, lead guitar lines are usually supported by a second guitarist who plays rhythm guitar, […]

 Guitar  Lesson 1 : guitar parts •Guitar  Lesson 1: guitar neck •Guitar  Lesson 1: holding a guitar •Guitar  Lesson 1: holding a pick •Guitar  Lesson 1: tuning •Guitar  Lesson 2: scales •Guitar  Lesson 2 basic chords •Guitar  Lesson 2 learning songs •Guitar  Lesson 2 practice schedule London Guitar Academy,Guitar Lessons Beginner, Intermediate,  Advanced, Guitarist Welcome There’s nothing that […]